Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Top Nutritional and Health Benefits of Bananas

Found some homegrown bananas growing in my courtyard garden. I love bananas mainly because of its sweet taste, nutritional benefits, health benefits also because it makes you feel full and energetic for a longer period of time.

Gardening helps you so much to connect with nature. Isn’t it funny, how much satisfaction you get from growing your own fruits and vegetables?

Banana is one superfood that is commonly available across the globe. I love this fruit as it provides you instant energy to kickstart your day.

Here are the Top Nutritional and Health Benefits of  Bananas

Here are the Top Nutritional and Health Benefits of Bananas;

Nutritional facts of Bananas

1. Bananas are rich in Potassium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron and Manganese.

2. Packed with fibre, it provides lots of energy.

3. Bananas contain no fat, sodium or cholesterol.

4. They are rich sources of fibre and have lot of antioxidants.

5. It’s don’t require much pesticides so it doesn’t get dirty.

Here are the Top Nutritional and Health Benefits of  Bananas

Health benefits of Bananas

1. It helps in boosting your immune system.

2. It boosts your brain and memory.

3. Keeps eyes and bone healthy.

4. Heals stomach ulcers and other infections.

5. Helps in regulating blood pressure, good for curing acne and pains.

6. It may cut the risk of heart diseases.

7. Reduces the risk of kidney diseases.

8. Regulate the blood sugar level.

9. Provides relief from menstrual problems.

10. It powers up your digestive system and metabolism.

11. It treats nausea, morning sickness and reduces the risk of migraine.

12. It helps in fighting inflammation, allergies and other infections like cough and cold.

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Top Nutritional and Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas can be eaten both ways, riped and raw. Raw bananas are used to make different kinds of dishes. It can be eaten as banana chips or banana fritters. There are different recipes which can be made with riped bananas as well like smoothies, porridge, pancakes, ice creams, muffins, granola, blueberry bars. All of these recipes doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.


  1. I eat one every day because I love them and I am so glad to know all the benefits!

  2. My whole family loves bananas. We go through so many of them and have to buy a new bunch every time we go shopping. I love how healthy they are in a addition to the delicious taste.

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