Saturday, February 10, 2018


One year blogging anniversary

Happy birthday to the THE FOOD ROOT!!!
It's our one year blogiversary!

I still can't believe, that a year ago, my little blog went live. It has been a wonderful journey since then. I made many new connections, learned new things and discovered some creativity.

I want to thank my friends, family, fellow-bloggers and readers for their continuous love and support! Thank you for sticking by me throughout this journey.

Happy birthday to the Food Root!! I still can't believe that a year ago, my blog went live. What a wonderful journey it has been. These are 10 best recipes of my blog.
These are 10 best recipes of my blog!

How it all started 

Exactly one year ago, sitting in my cabin, I had a life-altering realization, that I don't want to restrict myself in the current circumstances. I quit my well-paying corporate job and realize it's important for me to find my passion and purpose in life.

I was not clear in my head so I thought of giving myself a well deserve break. Knowing that I'll never go back to the same old job, I registered for hobbies that interested me like interior designing, gardening, writing, yoga, sketching, cooking and photography.

I trusted my gut instincts and came up with the idea of blogging. I set up my own blog, found my voice and attract few readers as well. It allows me to truly understand what i am looking in my career and life.

Thus began my journey as a food blogger!!


I took baby steps in the blogging world and it's been such a learning experience, since then. There are so many things that I've discovered in my first year of blogging.

I initially started blogging with a blogspot account but after six months I bought a domain name and connected the domain to the web host and it became  

I started making accounts across all the various social media platforms as they are great for networking, building followers and sharing content.

I build my e-mail list and worked on website navigation, sitemaps and other similar stuff.

Then comes SEO aka Search Engine Optimization, a nightmare for new bloggers like me. The more I use to google, the more complicating it use to get. At one point, i just blatantly ignored it but then i realize if i'm sure about my blogging career I need to educate myself in SEO.

I'm still struggling, but I've been working dedicatedly on my blog growth and taking it to the next level.


I also wanted to share a few things I'm extremely proud of achieving this year. My blog is growing with over 34 posts and 13607 page visitors. I managed to grow a bunch of new beautiful followers on various social media platforms;

Facebook       155
Instagram    1200
Twitter         1140
Pinterest      2750
Google+           20

I also got my Google AdSense account approved, with a month old domain. ;)

Coming into the blogging world, I didn't know what to expect. Though, my success seems small but I'm happy to see the progress.


I've been thinking of settling a little challenge for myself. In my journal, I had set a goal for 4000 followers on both Twitter and Instagram, 500 followers on my Facebook page by the end of 2018. I want to increase the weekly and monthly page views of my blog as well.

I need to schedule my posts and monitor the deadlines... want to come up with a nice pretty logo, new blog layout, learn photography. I had coupe of session with my brother but I've long way to go.

I also hope this year, I can also learn more about the SEO.

I cannot wait to see what the next year of blogging has in store! 

Thank you

Thank you all for taking time to read my post. Thank you for liking, commenting, retweeting, sharing my posts! This is the best reward I could ask for. I truly am happy to have connected with all of you. Sending an abundance of love to you all.


P.s. The idea of writing this blog could not be possible if my mother would have not helped me as she does all the cooking. ;) I would also like to give a huge shoutout to my brother Udit, as he taught me photography and other tech related stuff. Thank you both! love my family!