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This vibrant vegan buddha bowl is filled with veggies like broccoli, peas, corns, tomatoes, served with brown rice and combined with a delicious, simple ginger and lime dressing.

Getting into the groove with this vibrant vegan buddha bowl!! 

This super delicious healthy buddha bowl is packed with grains, nutrients, and tons of veggies to fuel your body and mind.

If you've been following my blog, you would know how obsessed I'm with buddha bowls. I find them so satisfying and nourishing! It's my favorite thing at the moment. You can add whatever veggies, grains, seeds available at home, combined with your favorite dressing, and have these for your breakfast, lunch or dinner!

This fast and easy salad come together in just 10 minutes. It's exciting blend of flavors, textures, and colors will leave you wanting more! This recipe is completely vegan and gluten-free.

This vibrant buddha bowl is filled with veggies like broccoli, peas, corns, tomatoes, served with brown rice and combined with ginger lime dressing.
You can dress this salad bowl with your favorite dressing, or just leave them undressed! I made a delicious, simple ginger and lime dressing, and it's so much cheaper and better than the store-bought stuff.

To make this, you'd have to cook brown rice ahead of time. I like to make big batches of brown rice (or quinoa) and keep them in the fridge so they are ready to make healthy dishes like these.

The broccoli, peas and corn stays vibrant here, because all you're doing is a quick steam then tossing with olive oil, lemon and salt. 
I have used fresh sweet corn. You can also use tinned corn for this salad.

I love using frozen peas in my salad. Well, you don't need to cook them but do remember to wash them with warm water, else you'll end up up with a wet mushy salad. When they are little warm, mix them up with olive oil, vinegar, lemon and salt. 

I always try to make this salad differently, depending on what is available at my home. Just have a look what you have in your kitchen, and play around with vegetables, herbs and spices, and try to make it as per your liking! For the recipe, follow these few simple steps that I have listed below.



Serves: 2 People
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 35 minutes 
Author: The Food Root


1 cup brown rice, rinsed
1 cup broccoli, cut into florets 
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup fresh corns (low/ no salt/ tinned or frozen)
1 tomato, cut in circular shapes
2 cups cooked brown rice (or quinoa)
2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, divided use
1/2 teaspoon salt or as per taste
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
3 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, divided use


3 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon garlic, minced
1 tablespoon ginger, grated
1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce
2 tablespoon rice wine vinegar
1/2 sugar (optional)
Salt and pepper as per taste


1. Boil rice: Bring 2 cups of water to boil into a large saucepan. Once water starts boiling, add 1 cup brown rice, a pinch of salt, cover with a lid and reduce to simmer. After 30-35 minutes, turn off the heat. Remove the lid and let it stand for 10 minutes. 

2. S
team broccoli: To steam, place broccoli florets and a pinch of salt in a steamer basket with 1 inch of water. Meanwhile, fill a bowl with cold water, preferably ice cubes with it. After 2 minutes, remove the florets with a slotted spoon in a colander and immediately, plunge the florets into a bowl of ice cold water. After a minute strain them, and keep it aside. Place the broccoli in a large bowl, toss it with the oil, lemon and salt.

3. F
rozen peas: Next, wash frozen peas with warm water, toss it with the oil, lemon and a pinch of salt and pepper.

4. Steam or boil corns: Steam or boil fresh 2 medium corn cobs till the kernels are tender. You can steam them in an electric cooker, pressure cooker, or steamer. I cooked them in a pressure cooker, add corns along with 2 cups of water, for 4 whistles. Let them cool down and drain the water. Now place it in a bowl and toss it with olive oil, vinegar, lemon and salt.

5. Slice raw veggies: 
Slice any raw veggies of your choice. I added fresh tomatoes in my bowl.

6. Prepare the dressing: To make a dressing, whisk 1 tablespoon minced garlic, 1 tablespoon grated ginger, 3 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 2 tablespoon vinegar in a bowl, add salt and pepper to taste.

7. Assemble your bowl: Assemble your bowl, add brown rice, steamed broccoli, corns, peas, and sliced tomatoes. Season the bowl with salt and pepper. Drizzle the yummy ginger lime dressing and gently toss them to combine.

8. Eat mindfully, enjoying all the flavors and textures!!! 


RAINBOW BUDDHA BOWL : Healthy, filling and a delicious wholesome meal, filled with rice, beans, broccoli, bell peppers, cucumber and combined with almond butter lime dressing to give it a touch of sweetness! 

This satisfying bowl of goodness is filled with rice, red kidney beans, broccoli, bell peppers and cucumber.


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