Wednesday, May 17, 2017


This is the picture of my courtyard garden

 You always have to create your own path. So take some time today and enjoy nature.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.
- Audrey Hepburn

Sending you some spring vibes!!! Though it's hot here in North-India but I cannot wait to share this beautiful picture with you all. This is the picture of my courtyard garden. Not only it's green but it's bold and vibrant. It's simple, but it intrigued me the most. I can't get over this palette of the spring colors. I love the vibrant fields with spring flowers and the magnificent banana and guava trees. I think they'll need few more trimmings in coming week. I can't explain you the joy of waking up to these every single morning. I love spending my morning time in the garden with a cup of tea.

As much as I love food, nature is my second biggest passion (and decorating home is my third). Over the years, I've developed true interest in gardening. Earlier my world revolves around social media, movies, job. I was not aware of things that truly matters in life. I'm happy that I recognize the things that values me the most today but I feel it's a learning process.

I planted lot of marigolds in my terrace garden.

Where flowers blooms, so does hope.

While talking about flowers, marigolds are the first flowers I remember growing. Not only they are easy to grow, but they are breathtakingly beautiful. They always make you smile. I simply love the fragrance of these! This is a glimpse of our terrace garden. I have planted a lot of marigolds in my courtyard and my terrace garden. It's easy to grow them outdoors but you can also grow them indoors. I always make a beautiful marigold centerpiece and decorate my home.

Some important things to remember before planting a Marigold flower!

  • Mostly grown in springs and summers.
  • Need bright sunlight and proper watering.
  • Generally take about seven weeks from seeds to bloom.
  • Seeds can be sowed in pots or raised nursery beds.
  • Can be grown in wide range of soils.
  • Keep pest away (I always grow them with basil and tomatoes).
  • Do not need a lot a fertilizer either.
  • Poor soil can also be benefited by adding in the organic granular fertilizer. 
  • You just need to prepare the soil by digging down 5-6 inches to loosen it and add the organic granular fertilizer. 

I hope you will be inspired to create your own garden.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Wait a minute - that is seriously your garden in your courtyard? That is SOOO beautiful! You are so lucky to have the opportunity for a garden like that - I would never want to leave home!!!

  2. I've never tried to grow a marigold before, but they are beautiful! I didn't realize they get so tall. I need to see if they can grow in my area because they are beautiful.

  3. Your courtyard is amazing! I love marigolds. They are such an easy flower to grow and they're so colourful. Bring on Spring! I don't want any more snow!

  4. How amazing is that!! And I agree - we create our own destiny!

  5. What a beautiful garden. I love all the pretty lush green! I feel like planting something:)

  6. I am patiently waiting for spring. I do plant a few flowers for color and they make me smile. Marigolds are a nice easy flower to grow. I love that they keep bugs away.

  7. This makes me wish Spring was here now! We just got a whopping 18 inches of snow here in Maine, but Spring is right around the corner :-)

  8. This is a really beautiful garden. i would love to plant my own sometime. Just such bright colors.

  9. I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors