Friday, March 3, 2017


what a stunning harvest. this is my first batch of tomatoes.

What a stunning harvest!!! This is my first batch of tomatoes!! I can't thank my garden enough for feeding us with these delicious cherry red tomatoes. No one can beat the taste of a red, ripe tomato straight out of the garden!!!

I got a taste of how refreshing it can be to grow your own fruits and veggies in an era where food has become so processed and devoid of nutrients and flavor. Now that I have some time on my hands, I am setting up an organic fruits and vegetable patch in my garden. I've planted tomatoes, beetroots, eggplants, radishes, peas and spinach seeds in my garden. I'm working on it from last couple of weeks. I just can't wait to share the progress with you all!!

tomato plant at my terrace ready for another harvest

I think my plant is ready for another harvest!! For those who will be heading into Spring, do give it a try!!

Tomatoes are not difficult to grow. They are easy to care and are rich in vitamins A, B and C. You can plant marigold or basil with the tomatoes. Marigolds enhance the growth of tomatoes and it helps to keep bugs away and basil helps in improving the flavor of the fruit.

Growing tomatoes indoors or out is an easy and rewarding experience. I've grown this plant in a big pot on my terrace. If you want to maintain or harvest healthy plants, make sure the soil is properly conditioned. Adding compost and gardening soil is very beneficial. It enhances the fertility of the fruit. Remember to remove the yellow branches and mulch well. Tomatoes need plenty of sunlight and proper watering. Give them the much needed water and provide them with an area that is protected from wind and harsh weather.

so many tomato plants. so excited for another harvest.

So many tomatoes in just two plants, I can't wait for my another harvest!!! I'm amazed by how quickly and easily these tomatoes grow. Don't miss that luscious spinach, so vibrant and so green!!!
I hope you enjoy these pictures and I promise I'll be posting more!!
Have a great weekend and GO ORGANIC!!!


  1. Wow your garden is so beautiful with these tasty and lovely treats.

  2. Love this! I finally have a backyard and want to grow my own tomatoes, but everytime I go to buy seeds I chicken out because I am so bad with keeping anything plant-like alive.

  3. This is making me so excited for the warmer weather love it (: